Pike County supervisors reviewed a compliance audit that contained numerous findings of fault, none of them major.

“No material findings at all,” said board president Chuck Lambert at Monday’s meeting. “There’s not anything major that I considered in that report.”

The 2018 report, conducted by the state audit department, said, “We found no instances of noncompliance with the aforementioned code sections” on purchasing procedures.

Among findings was that the chancery clerk, circuit clerk and sheriff’s department deposited funds in a bank that was not an official county depository.

Lambert said supervisors usually choose a primary depository, then name other banks as secondary. But last year they neglected to name the secondary depositories.

The county was also faulted for failure to purchase officials’ bonds for four-year terms.

Lambert said supervisors pay the bond premiums annually and get continuation certificates.

“We’ve done the continuation certificates since I came here in 1986,” he said.

Other findings included:

• Failure to publish the audit synopsis or report.

• Failure to record the board’s quarterly appropriations of sheriff department funds in the minutes.

• Failure to file “information returns” on 24 vendors who were paid $187,045 in 2018.

• Failure of the chancery clerk and circuit clerk to use the state-authorized “fee journal” format.

• Failure to submit monthly chancery land redemption reports to supervisors.

• Unauthorized expenditures of $268 by the chancery clerk and $378 by the circuit clerk.

• Failure by the justice court clerk to designate certain duties and to submit required reports to supervisors.

• Unidentified funds in the sheriff’s budget totaling $58,730. The sheriff replied, “This amount was inherited when we came into the office in January 2016.”

• Failure to record monthly inmate meal logs in the minutes.

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In other business, supervisors:

• Accepted Driftwood Road as a public road. It’s located off Della Road in District 4.

• Renewed participation in the Mississippi Association of Supervisors Inmate Medical Cost Containment Program. Inmate medical bills are filed with Gulf Guaranty, which negotiates reduced rates, Lambert said. “It has saved us a bunch of money on our medical costs,” he said.

• Authorized the tax collector to continue accepting partial payment of property taxes. Tax Collector Gwen Nunnery said the county has been accepting partial payments since 2001 but she recently learned the board must authorize the practice every four years. People paying in installments must pay half by Feb. 1, a quarter by May 1 and the rest by July 1, including interest of 1 percent a month.

• Authorized Thad and Lisa Simmons to create a private family cemetery.

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