An apparent middle-of-the-night road rage shooting on Summit’s main drag killed a Pike County man and landed a man from Amite County behind bars early Tuesday morning.

Summit Police Chief Kenny Cotton said Kenneth Godwin, 56, of Highway 570 East, Summit, died after midnight on Robb Street after he was involved in a confrontation with Jauione Granger, 20, of Amite County.

Cotton said the men were headed west on Robb Street in separate vehicles when Godwin apparently blocked Granger’s pickup truck between Walnut and Poplar streets.

The drivers exited their vehicles and a confrontation turned to gunfire, Cotton said.  

He said Tuesday morning that officers found a gun in Godwin’s truck but it’s not yet clear if both men were shooting at each other. He said multiple shots were fired, apparently from a large-caliber handgun. Godwin was struck at least once, in the neck, Cotton said.

“Based on the stories I’m getting, none of them knew each other and it happened on Robb Street for a short distance,” he said of the incident that led to the confrontation.

Police Sgt. Bobby Hawthorne, one of the officers on duty, heard the shooting and as he made his way to the scene, he stopped Granger to ask him if he saw anything. Cotton said Granger told Hawthorne, who had taken down his drivers license information, that he saw something but he wasn’t involved.  

Police interviewed a passenger in Godwin’s vehicle who stated otherwise, and lawmen arrested Granger at his house.

“He didn’t know at the time that this person was involved or possibly involved, but he did  some good investigative work by stopping the guy,” Cotton said of Hawthorne. “When he stopped that vehicle, he stopped it because he heard gunshots and he didn’t know if this guy was involved, but he asked.”

Police are still working with prosecutors to determine the charge Granger will face. He said detectives are also looking into the availability of nearby surveillance footage from residences and a church that might have captured the shooting.

The Amite County Sheriff’s Office and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation assisted in the case.

In another case, McComb police are investigating a non-fatal shooting that occurred around 3:30 p.m. Friday on the 1100 block of Moore Avenue.

Charvoun Ward, 25, of McComb, was taken to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries after he was shot Friday. Ward has been treated and released.

Detective Delre Smith said the police have identified a person of interest in the case.

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