With demolition looming over the 11 properties the city of McComb designated for razing, the board granted one homeowner more time to save her derelict property.

During the last work session, the board heard from Brandi Smith, who plead for her property on Highway 51 South to be removed from the list. The board agreed to take the matter up in the next board meeting, providing that Smith have a concrete plan for the repairs by that meeting.

Zoning, Inspections and Permits Director Henry Green said Smith did not speak with his department about what the building needed to get back up to code and had not provided the plan to him or his department before the meeting Tuesday night.

Smith said she spoke with a contractor, but the contractor was unable to get with the city about what the building needed, and that he planned to do so by the end of the week.

Selectman Shawn Williams made a substitute motion to give Smith until the next work session to have the plan in stone. He withdrew the motion after the board discussion.

“I think we’re kicking the can down the road if we extend this another two weeks to the next board meeting,” Johnson said.

Green said Wednesday he got the quotes back from two contractors and plans to address the board about the project in the work session next Tuesday. He also noted that he would be sending a notification to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality about the project, and once the department is notified the city has to wait 10 business days before kicking the project off. Green gave an estimated date to start around 15 to 20 days from Wednesday.

Selectman Ronnie Brock made a motion to give Smith a flat 30 days to make a marked improvement before going back on the list, but withdrew it after more discussion and the board settling on getting a specific plan from Smith.

The board voted unanimously to give Smith a 30 day reprieve from the list with the understanding that she have a plan as soon as possible.

She thanked the board and left the meeting.

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