LIBERTY — Amite County School District leaders provided updates to the school board and a crowd of community members Thursday evening in Liberty.

Superintendent Scotty Whittington said preliminary enrollment figures show growth in the district, which has 900 students enrolled.

New elementary school principal Jasmine Jackson said school held a meet-and-greet event on Aug. 12 that attracted about 200 parents and guardians.

Elementary school enrollment is up by more than 50 students, she said. This time last year, the school had 438 registered students. The most-recent enrollment figures available from the school indicate that it has an enrollment of 491. She noted that more were registering each day.

“We’re just trying to start instruction off strong and hit the ground running,” Jackson said.

Enrollment figures are up at the high school as well.

New principal Neal Smith, who formerly taught physical science in Amite County, said his campus held an open house that attracted nearly 150 parents and guardians.

Enrollment figures went up by 38 last week, topping off at 397, he said, adding that with the school year still in its infancy, that figure could likely go up.

In another matter, Smith said reading and math interventionists will start pulling students from class at the high school on Monday. Depending on their intervention program, students will be pulled from class one, two or three times per week to work on the development of critical academic skills.

“We’re looking at a lot of growth,” he said.

Additionally, the high school will start excellence recognition programs that will run each month, Smith said. There will be student and teacher of the month awards going forward. The high school also will present student and teacher of the year awards.

“Everything is coming together,” he said.

Amite County Career & Technical Education Center enrollment is up to 115 students, principal Augustus Russ said.

In other business, the board:

• Approved the proposed ad valorem tax request of $3,513,936.

• Approved the incoming student transfer of Alexys Spradlin.

• Hired elementary school assistant principal Marino McDaniel; elementary school teacher Felicia Turner; elementary school teaching assistants Latasha Carroll and Elmer Johnson; elementary school secretary Denetta Patterson; high school assistant principal Ricky Powell; high school teachers Kevin Cope, Jared Thaxton and Alice Whitmore, high school teachers Sandra Bates, Jarvis Hunt and Kristin Gordon, pending certification; high school assistant teacher LaKendrick Harrell; elementary school teachers Janice Lyons and Amitra Oldess, pending certification; substitute teacher Sheila Seede; and special education teacher Kimberly Addington, who was formerly a general education teacher in the district.

• Approved district coaches with no changes.

• Approved the outgoing transfers of Mia-Christina Jones and Barbara Peters for special circumstances.

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