McComb woman sees idea  to deliver

Crystal Porter is pictured with bags of food ready to be delivered to clientele. 

What started out as a way of helping people by transporting them to places they needed to be quickly blossomed into a business for Crystal Porter.

The business is called Sweet Dreams Transportation and in addition to transporting people, Porter has also added food delivery to her repertoire. And at a time like the present with the spread of the coronavirus, Porter sees her business as beneficial for McComb and the surrounding area.

"The community is kind of in a scare right now and Sweet Dreams Transportation is here to kind of bridge that gap," she said. "I know that we can't do everything, but we can do small efforts like delivering."

Porter is ramping up her business with the spread of coronavirus, reaching to see if she can be of assistance to those in need.

"We're doing free delivery, especially for the elders, those in high-risk of COVID-19," she said. "We are moving around into the different communities asking or seeing who needs help with picking up products from grocery stores, things of that nature. With food delivery, whatever Walmart or Door Dash doesn't do, Sweet Dreams is here to bridge that small gap as much as possible and keep the community safe."

Sweet Dreams started in 2016 and is evolving even with the types of vehicles used. Porter has a sedan, pickup truck and van at her disposal. The van is a donation from her uncle and she is thankful to the community for donations that go toward her business.

“I don’t ask for any money but we do accept donations if possible,” she said. “It is not necessary, let me stress that. I’m doing this out of the kindness of my heart.”

The spread of the coronavirus has forced many restaurants to close their dining areas and only allow quick carry-outs or drive-thru service. For Porter that is when she started delivering food.

“I actually started last week, picking up for family members, my grandmother,” she said. “They have been trying to be supportive about what the law said about coming in or out. They’ve been asking me to run and they have been my inspiration.”

This motivated Porter to grow her business.

“I thought, ‘Hey, you have a corporation, let’s branch out a little bit and help out as much as we can.’ We want to step out on faith and just push.”

When she is not delivering, Porter works at The Seafood Company, a job she has held for the past eight years. Porter adds that she is very thankful to the owners, Johnny and Donna Collins, for allowing her to make her deliveries while also working at the business.

“Words cannot describe how great it is to have someone so loyal,” Porter said. “The Collins as people are very understanding as people and business owners. They have been extremely, extremely helpful.”

Porter, a McComb resident, is open to delivering around southwest Mississippi, stressing that she is not confined to her hometown.

“Summit, McComb, Magnolia, Osyka, I’ve been doing Brookhaven, just all over — wherever I’m needed,” she said.

And she is also open to the idea of expanding by partnering with other delivery services.

“If there are any other transportation companies that would like to partner-up,” she said. “We could do some things to alleviate the scare and evolve and ignite together.”

At the end of the day, Porter is also extremely grateful for the positive feedback that she has received with her company, adding that providing her service to the public makes her feel positive.

“I really don’t have simply any words on that,” she said. “It is a feeling, a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of love, a feeling of unity — all of those things balled up into one. And that is what makes me feel good about it.”

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