If you or your dog are looking for CBD products, Natural Health is the place the go, says owner Katie Quin. And that’s no joke about the dog.

CBD, or cannabidiol, comes not only in a variety of products for humans; there are CBD pet treats as well.

“I give it to my dog because he is super-hyper and it helps calm him down,” Quin said.

Pet CBD helps animals with separation anxiety, going to the vet, fear of thunderstorms and overall pain.

As for human customers, Quin carries several brands of CBD but has strict criteria as to what she sells:

• The oil must be CO2-extracted. “That’s the best method of extraction,” Quin said.

• It must be third-party tested. “A non-biased party does the testing,” she said.

• It mustn’t be too costly. “CBD is expensive, but I don’t want anything too pricey,” she said.

• It must provide access to the certificate of analysis, a bar code enabling her to see the lab results. “Any company that does not offer this, I would tell you to turn and run,” Quin said.

Her most popular CBD product is the oil, which is ingested by means of an eyedropper applied under the tongue. Quin has several brands of varying strength.

There are also CBD gummies, soft-gel capsules, tea and coffee, plus creams and ointments for external application.

The oil comes from the hemp plant and shows a lot of promise for its medicinal value.

“It works,” Quin said. “My family takes it. It pretty much helped my dad get off blood pressure medicine.”

The store at 304 Jackson Ave. has much more in the way of natural healing products and gifts as well.

“We’re in cold and flu season, so elderberry is popular,” Quin said. “Elderberry gummies are good for any age. Your 2-year-old can take it. Your 92-year-old grandma can take it. It boosts your immune system.”

Olive leaf and oregano contain antiobiotic properties and help prevent sinus problems, Quin said.

“I’m a certified holistic health practitioner, and my main focus is gut health, It’s like Hippocrates said, all disease begins in the gut.”

Accordingly, the store sells digestive enzymes, probiotics and fermented food.

There are also Christmas gifts, such as travel tumblers, insulated water bottles, candles, antiques, furniture decor and T-shirts.

Himalayan salt lamps purify the air by emitting negative ions, good for people with breathing problems.

Scented wax squares fit into a heater so they emit fragrance without fire danger.

Quin was certified through the College of Holistic Health and has other certifications as well. Customers regularly ask her for advice on what holistic products to take for their symptoms.

“They come in all day every day and say, ‘I have this and that,’ ” Quin said. “I can suggest products.”

After the first of the year she will offer sit-down consultations for a small fee.

“I’m not a doctor. I can’t prescribe. I can’t diagnose.”

But she can recommend alternative products, including oils, essential herbs and aroma therapy. Plus some tips for the dog.

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