Pike County pollworkers and election commissioners will get an extra $50 per day in coronavirus hazard pay after county supervisors approved the increase Monday.

Also, commissioners are seeking volunteers to help sanitize precincts on election day, Nov. 3.

The county’s 130 pollworkers currently make $115 per day, $125 for managers, said commission chair Trudy Berger.

“These pollworkers are there from 6 o’clock in the morning in most elections till 8 o’clock that night,” she said.

She and Pike County Circuit Clerk Roger Graves led the effort to get the Legislature to approve the hazard pay.

The increase, including for the five commissioners, will total $6,750. Berger said the county is “eligible for reimbursement,” but county administrator Tami Dangerfield said that’s not a sure thing.

Supervisor Robert Accardo, a former election commissioner, said, “Without this incentive, though, it would probably be very hard to entice people to come out and work in these circumstances.”

He also noted that Louisiana pays its pollworkers $200 a day.

“We’re already having pollworkers call and say they’re not going to work,” Berger said.

“This year’s going to be really, really tough,” agreed board president Sam Hall.

Berger also called for volunteers to help keep the voting precincts sanitized. She said she has abundant cleaning supplies. She asked supervisors to consider picking a time slot, and to recruit others to do the same.

The law allows the county to hire an extra pollworker to clean, she added.

People interested in volunteering may contact their district election commissioner or call commissioner Danny Creel, who’s organizing the effort, at 601-869-7133.

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how come the county workers that have been working this whole time haven't received any hazard pay ???

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