Osyka residents can expect to pay more taxes and higher fees next year.

Aldermen on Thursday night adopted a general fund budget based on a 38-mill tax rate, up from the 36 mills that have been in effect for a number of years.

Town water and sewer customers, within or outside the town limits will also be pinched, as the water and sewer budget includes $16 basic water and sewer rates and the imposition of a new $2 capital improvement fee each month.

Despite the millage increase, projected revenue for the general fund is down $9,876 dollars from this fiscal year, at $258,345 for 2019-2020. The big losses in income are expected to be in fines and forfeitures, down $9,000, and sanitation income, down $8,000, along with other smaller decreases.

Franchise fees, capital improvement funds and ad valorem property taxes collectively are expected to rise $15,198.

Expenditures include $82,442 for executive and legal expenses, $5,550 for the city attorney, $2,620 for computer expenses, $83,866 for the police department, $3,000 for the fire department, $43,000 for streets, $33,000 for garbage fees and $2,870 for the library.

Revenue for the water and sewer fund is projected at $164,365, a decrease of $10,400 despite the rate increase. Water sales, sewer charges, late fees and interest income are all expected to fall in the next year.

Expenses from water and sewer are expected to climb, however,  by $15,510 to $153,155. Lagoon expenditures are expected to decrease $2,000 to $11,000, giving total water and sewer spending of $164,155.

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