Summit’s biggest infrastructure project of the year, a large-scale and much-needed overhaul of sewer lines, is well under budget so far, an engineer told town officials on Tuesday.

Ryan Holmes of Dungan Engineering said work to repair or replace sewer lines mainly on the south side of town began a couple of months ago, starting with a video inspection of existing infrastructure.

“Now we’re making recommendations for repairs based on those videos,” he said.  

That could include installing a lining on some of the pipes or a complete replacement, Holmes said.

“We can go in and line it a lot cheaper than digging the street up,” he said.

The initial budget for the project was $800,000. A $400,000 Community Development Block Grant along with $135,000 in U.S. Army Corps of Engineer funds will help pay for the work, and the town will borrow the remainder.

Holmes said the initial bid for the project from Greenbriar Digging of Brookhaven came in at $448,776, but that figure has since gone up.

“What we came up with based on video, we are proposing a change order of $143,000,” Holmes said. “With that change order it will bring our total project up to $591,516, which will still keep us about $65,000 below what you guys originally set up to complete the project. We’re still under what our original budget would be.”

The town council agreed later in the meeting to seek a $268,000 line of credit through First Bank to cover the difference along with any unforeseen expenses.   

“As you all know, we get into construction and we start digging up stuff. There are unknowns,” Holmes said.

Areas included in the project are Thomas, Poplar, Magnolia, Meadville, Peach, Calhoun and Baldwin streets, plus a line running west to east south of the Mississippi Ag John Deere dealership and Summit Plastics on Highway 51.

In a related mater, the council approved payment of $5,700 to Dungan Engineering and $53,042 to Greenbriar Digging for work on the project.

The board also authorized the payment of $400 for two tracts of land for easements related to the work.   

In other business, the board:

• Congratulated Councilman Daryl Porter Jr. for his election to the House District 98 seat in last week’s Democratic primary.

“I think congratulations is in order to Councilman Porter for his victory,” Mayor Percy Robinson.

“I appreciate that,” Porter said. “It is an honor to serve with you on the town council.”

Porter thanked supporters, including his colleagues on the council and residents who helped him throughout the campaign.

He said he’ll remain on the board until he takes office in Jackson.

Town officials will have to set up a special election to find someone to serve the remaining two years on Porter’s term, but officials have yet to discuss that.

• Approved a recommendation from Police Chief James Isaac to remove Lionel Washington from the department’s roster.

• Approved travel for Suzonne Perkins to attend a municipal court clerk’s conference in Biloxi in September, with the Mississippi Judicial College to reimburse her expenses.  

• Approved travel for Robinson to attend a regional legislative planning meeting in Brookhaven this month.

• Approved travel for Porter to attend the Congressional Black Caucus Convention in Washington, D.C., in September, including $45 for registration, $300 for air fare and $56 per day for meals during his four-day trip. 

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