Boots a family legacy for Rushings

Donnie Rushing, left, and his brother Daniel are seen with duck boots, which are big sellers this year.

You could say the Rushings have boots in their blood.

The family has been in the boot business as long as they can remember.

Rushing Shoe Shop co-owners Donnie and Daniel Rushing’s father and all seven of his siblings owned boot shops throughout the South.

And Donnie and Daniel are bona fide cobblers.

Since 1979, their shop has served as the premier location for high-quality work and Western boots.

The family has been in the boot business since the 1940s. Their father, Donald Sr., owned a boot shop in Tylertown starting in 1960. Back then he made a living selling and servicing cowboy boots.

While he’s retired at 85, the patriarch of Rushing Shoe Shop still comes into work regularly.

The store, located in a striking red storefront at 407 W. Presley Blvd. in McComb, is celebrating its 40th year of business.

Rushing Shoe Shop offers a host of boots and workwear and the brothers, both skilled in shoe repair, provide the service that has become increasingly rare.

“We service what we sell,” Daniel Rushing said.

The brothers said the longevity of their business and local focus on their customers allowed them to create special memories over the years. Donnie said they’ve seen generations of families come through their shop in search of the perfect pair of boots.

Their father made a name for himself selling high-quality Western boots. But the days of the urban cowboy have since passed and they tend to mostly sell decorative Western boots as gifts over the holiday season.

Nowadays, their business centers on providing quality work boots.

The Rushings offer a selection of boots made in America, including Red Wing and Laredo.

Other offerings include work and outdoor items, including fire-retardent clothing and hunting apparel.

The brothers said this year duck boots — with a rubber bottoms and leather uppers — are especially popular.

Rushing is offering large discounts on pretty much everything camouflage throughout the store — perfect for duck hunters who just picked up a new pair of boots. Some items are discounted to half off retail value.

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