Magnolia held its primary elections Tuesday, but it’s a general election matter that’s causing campaign fireworks.

Terry Jackson, independent candidate for Ward 3 alderman in Magnolia, will have a hearing in Pike County Circuit Court this morning to contest Magnolia’s Municipal Election Commission disqualifying his candidacy.

According to the petition filed by Jackson, town election commission members contacted him over video conference on Feb. 16 to ask him questions about how long he has lived in Magnolia.

A candidate is required to have lived in the town for at least two years to qualify for office.

Jackson was asked to submit documentation of his residency to the commission but was unable to do so on short notice due to being out of town.

Upon his return, he found city hall closed and instead faxed his documents to the commission but later received a letter notifying him that he had been disqualified, says Jackson’s petition.

It also says that Jackson has resided in Ward 3 in Magnolia since October 2018.

Jackson is petitioning the court to reinstate his candidacy in the town’s general election, which will take place June 8.

Judge Mike Taylor will preside over Jackson’s hearing. Representing Jackson is attorney Conrad Mord.

If reinstated, Jackson will face incumbent Alderman Antonio Martin, who prevailed over challenger Gloria Martin in the Democratic primary on Tuesday.


All incumbent aldermen were victors in the contested party primaries for their board seats in Magnolia.

According to Town Clerk Cynthia Richardson, the winners of contested seats were Martin in Ward 3, Alderman Clarence Burton Jr. in Ward 2 over challenger Dorothy Dillon, Alderman Joseph Cornacchione in Ward 4 over challenger James Hughes and Alderman Darrell Pounds for the at-large seat over Clinton Rosa.

In the Republican primary, Cornacchione received 39 votes, while Hughes received 10 votes, the Pike County Republican Party reported.

The Pike County Democratic Party did not provide voting numbers or percentage points for candidates in the Democratic primary — Martin, Burton and Pounds — as of Wednesday.

Unopposed in the Democratic primary were Sen. Tammy Witherspoon who is running for mayor of Magnolia and Mayor Pro Tem Becky Magee, who is running for re-election in Ward 1.

s alderwoman of Ward 1.

The only primary winners who will face opposition in the general election June 8 are Witherspoon, who will face businesswoman Mercedes Ricks, who is running for mayor as an independent, and Martin, but only if Terry Jackson’s candidacy is reinstated.

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Folks like Terry Jackson are trying to take over in Magnolia, they are power hungry perfect example of these outside agitators. He’s creating racial tension with his weekly articles, I hope his disqualification Stands!!


wow everybody wants to throw the race card in give people a chance just pray and stop being stupid buddy

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