Pike County Extension Service and Pike County Master Gardeners have teamed up for a series of free seminars for gardening enthusiasts  in February and March, with topics ranging from heirloom tomatoes to and planting and maintenance tips.  

The seminars will  be held on Tuesdays at the McComb Sports Complex conference room at 701 S. Magnolia St. starting Feb. 18 and ending on March 10.

Each seminar starts at noon and runs for an hour. Door prizes will be presented, and onsite registration begins at 11:30 a.m

The first seminar will be led by Gary Bachman, an Extension and Research Professor of Horticulture with the MSU Coastal Research and Extension Center whose weekly gardening columns appear in the Enterprise-Journal. His program is called “What the Heck is an Heirloom Tomato?” Bachman will share his knowledge of the variety and the unique characteristics that separates it from other tomatoes.

On Feb. 25, the second seminar, “History and Care of Camellias,” will be presented by Paige Mizell of Mizell’s Camellia Hill Nursery in Folsom, La.

She’ll focus on the history of camellias and lead a discussion about the different qualities and care requirements of the camellia japonica and camellia sasanqua species.

“Creating an Evergreen Swag Home Décor Accent Piece,” is the third seminar, which will be held March 3.

It will focus on floral design and the use of evergreen swags as accents for work and living spaces. Jim DelPrince, Ph.D., an Assistant Extension Professor of Horticulture with the MSU Coastal Research and Extension Center in Biloxi, will share his experiences and use his time to teach attendees how to create evergreen swag, which is a cluster of mixed greenery that is accented with a variety of ribbons, berries, pine cones, twigs, vines and pods.

Capping off the seminars is “Your Yard is Your Canvas … Plant Your Masterpiece,” led by the director of Plant Innovations with Plant Development Services Buddy Lee. His presentation will be a tour of 31 different varieties of Encore Azaleas, which he includes planting and maintenance tips for Encore Azalea that will ensure gardening success no matter the season.

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