Lockley proposes city cleanups

Refuse is seen on a McComb street as traffic passes by on Highway 51. 

Mayor Quordiniah Lockley wants to fight litter with a public cleanup that he has been planning since before the pandemic.

“There is a litter problem here in the City of McComb, and something has to be done about it,” Lockley said.

To combat rising litter, Lockley proposed five annual cleanup events that would take place throughout the year — one in each ward with other cleanups planned between those times.

Ward 1 clean up would be every February, Ward 2 would be in May, Ward 3 in July, Ward 4 in September and Ward 5 in November.

Lockley said he also asked Public Works Director Alice Barnes to design markers for an adopt a street program.

“It’ll be just like the state’s Adopt-a-Highway program, where people can sign up to adopt a street that they will clean up,” he said. “The McComb School District could adopt the streets around its perimeter and pledge to keep them clean of litter.”

Lockley said many businesses and churches already keep their streets clean, but the signs would be an extra incentive to do so. He said these programs translate to a cleaner town, which, in turn, bring in more people and more business, leading to an overall healthier city.

“As the mayor, I want to attract businesses to the city, and litter discourages that,” he said. “I want people to take this and run with it to help make McComb more attractive. With this program, we could cover a lot of streets.”

He said some have argued that it is the city’s job to keep the streets clean. Lockley said before the pandemic, inmates would clean the major streets, but it was not enough.

“When we had inmates picking the litter up, they could go down Delaware every day and pick up three bags filled with trash by themselves. Three bags of trash a day,” he said. “It should be like that.

“We have got to come up with ways to clean up. The city cannot do it by itself.”

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I have seen numerous cars throwing their fast food garbage right out of their car windows, not a care in the world or even caring about leaving a mess.

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