A Gloster cowboy preacher has made numerous false claims about his military background, including that he was a Green Beret, according to an organization that relies on military records to disprove false claims.

Chris Kimball, 40, who leads Outlaw Ministries at Brushy Creek Ranch, was the topic of an extensive profile at the website GuardiansOfTheGreenBeret.com on Monday. The group is composed of “former and current Green Berets who find and investigate those who falsely claim to be a Green Beret,” according to the website.

“Chris was sent to us by many that have and continue to hear him preach,” the website says in a write-up next to Kimball’s photo. “He claims to have been a high-speed Green Beret who had fellow Green Berets die in his arms.”

The Guardians website presents a video of Kimball referring to his Special Forces background in a sermon, as well as numerous emails from people who say they’ve heard Kimball talk about his Green Beret combat experiences.

“We received so many emails telling the same story from his parishioners,” the site says.

Contacted by the Enterprise-Journal on Monday, Kimball said he’d seen the website but would prefer not to comment until after his other legal cases are finalized.

He is appealing a recent Amite County Justice Court conviction of simple assault.

That charge stemmed from a fracas with a fellow church elder. And a charge against him of felonious livestock theft has been turned over to the Amite County grand jury.

After consulting with his attorney, Alfred Felder of McComb, Kimball said, “I’d really rather handle things in the court and then respond.”

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On the video posted on the Guardians website, Kimball is shown saying, “When I got injured in Special Forces, they sent me to Psyops (Psychological Operations). ... They realize that I have a master’s in psychotherapy, so they’re like, ‘Special Forces-Qualified, master’s in psychotherapy — let’s let this guy go brainwash the enemy.’ ”

According to the website, Kimball tried twice to become a Green Beret but failed to make it.

“He never even made it to selection, much less the SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course),” the site says.

The website posts copies of Kimball’s military records obtained from the Army showing he served a little over a year and was never sent overseas or served in combat.

The website alleges that among Kimball’s false claims are that he had friends die in his arms in combat, that he went on classified missions, that he slit the throat of a ‘big-time leader,’ that he liked the rush of killing people, that he’d had bullets whizzing by his head, that he’d jumped out of airplanes on secret missions and that he was assigned to a psychological operations unit.

“As for his claim of fellow Green Berets dying in his arms, he never left the States. His former wife confirms that, as do his records. He has no awards that one would get had he been deployed. His awards are what one would receive for having been active duty during that time. It looks like Chris Kimball, fake Green Beret, spent a little over a year on active duty,” the site says.

According to military records posted on the site, Kimball entered the Army in Shreveport, La., and served from Dec. 30, 2004, to Jan. 13, 2006. He was stationed at Fort Benning, Ga., Fort Bragg, N.C., and Fort Polk, La.

He took a three-week airborne course and four-week infantry course. He was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Army Service Ribbon, parachutist badge and Army Achievement Medal. He was discharged at the rank of specialist.

“Nothing in these records shows he deployed or was Special Forces,” the site says. “The awards are for those (service members) that served during that time.”

Other records on the website show Kimball’s failure to complete Special Forces selection.

The site also provides examples of articles and Internet postings announcing church or martial arts events in which Kimball is described as Green Beret or Special Forces.

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The website also provides copies of emails from people either skeptical of Kimball’s claims or reporting that they are false. Excerpts:

• “I along with several members of a church we attended believe we have a similar situation (of false Green Beret). The guy’s name is Christoper Neal Kimball and he is the pastor for Outlaw Ministries in Gloster, MS. We do have articles where he claims that he is a Green Beret. ... This guy has been telling stories about his brothers dying in his arms, slicing throats, that the military made him marry his second wife for his cover and numerous others. ... This guy has been telling these stories for over 10 years. ... We desperately need your help to expose this man for his lies and dishonoring our service men and women. I lost an uncle to PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and one of my best friends suffers from it severely. It makes me sick that someone would do what he is doing.”

• “I’ve heard Chris Kimball say multiple times that he was in the Special Forces and that he had been on some highly classified missions. I have also heard him say that he held his dying buddy in his arms and that he cut some big-time leader’s throat.”

• “I am Chris Kimball’s ex-wife. Unfortunately, I met him in 2002 and married him in 2005. He joined the military in 2004. He was basic Army. I know for a fact he never went overseas. ... From the moment I met him my life was full of lies, betrayal, deceit and phone calls from others asking outlandish questions due to the fact of Kimball’s lies of being this military hero. Numerous times I have been asked if he was Special Forces, a bodyguard, war hero, a licensed therapist. I know for a fact he is or was none of that! ...”

• “I lived out at Brushy Creek Ranch and did some volunteer work for him for horse and mule training and trail guiding. Chris brags on himself saying he was a Green Beret and how his friends died in his arms. Says he is a black belt, a licensed counselor, a pastor and uses his military training and these other claimed titles to manipulate people to get what he wants. I was the associate pastor at this ranch for six months and ... when I called him on it he kicked me off the church board and out of the ranch.”

• “I have heard Chris claim to be a Green Beret on multiple occasions. He has even stated that he held his friend in his arms as he died. This man should be held responsible for lying about this!”

• “We met Chris Kimball almost two years ago and from the first day we started going to his ‘church’ he has spoken of and told countless stories of his Special Forces training and Green Beret status. He has stated that he has gone on missions where men have died in his arms and he cursed God while on top of a Humvee. He stated that the government made him marry his then wife in order to complete a mission they sent him on. He has told us of being in combat training where he got into altercations with upperclassmen like sergeants and such. He stated that he roughed them up. He stated that he should get compensation for PTSD from experiences he has been through. ... We have been in his home where there is absolutely no pictures or memorabilia of his experiences or any of the brothers he supposedly served with. My son has seen fatigues in his closet with absolutely nothing sewed on them.”

• “I became aware of Chris Kimball in 2016. In November of 2017, I began frequenting his ‘ranch’ for religious events. Things were fishy pretty quick. One of the things that I questioned was his military history. He spoke of being in the Special Forces. He later went on to tell of being in Special Forces training. ... He spoke of clearing buildings overseas and having to kill the civilians because no one could be trusted. I think he even mentioned killing kids once. He said he liked the rush of killing people who deserved it and he would go again if called. He always said outlandish things like he was a warrior and all the men there were weaklings. He never talked about where he was stationed or what unit he was in, etc. He said he couldn’t talk about the missions because of the nature. He never gave any details. I became suspicious because of his house, actually. ... I have been in many military member’s homes and other settings. I did not see one single bit of evidence anywhere around the ranch or his personal residence that showed he was in the military. Not one shirt, hat, coin, plaque, unit insignia, patch, etc.”

• “We hung around a campfire most Friday and Saturday nights and Chris would tell the same stories over and over about his training in Special Forces, jumping out of airplanes on special missions. On any given Sunday he would tell the camera man to cut the camera so he could tell us top secret stories that he couldn’t talk about on camera for our ‘documentary’ that was being filmed.”

• “This is my account of what all I heard from Chris Kimball. He has said many times while preaching that he was angry with God after being in battle having his men die in his arms. He said he jumped on the Humvee with his middle finger in the air cussing God because he knew he would have to tell his dead friends’ family that they were gone. ... He has told us of so-called classified missions that’s he has been on. All of this to make his point that he was the best of the best. ... He has said that he has been to war and had bullets whizzing by his head.”

• “I met Chris in 2014 at the gym he ‘owned,’ Pinnacle. He referenced many times that he was a Green Beret, in the Special Forces. He also mentioned that he fought in Iraq and had fellow soldiers die in his arms, even to the extent that he suffers PTSD from those events. He also claims he is a licensed marriage and family counselor and with a little digging that was found to be untrue. He had a provisional license that had expired. My family became very close to Chris and I never once saw any links to his ‘Special Forces’ in his home. He also claimed to be a mercenary.”

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