TYLERTOWN — Aldermen took another step Tuesday toward developing more property that fronts Highway 98 in the town limits.

The board accepted easements and conveyances of property from Tylertown Broadcasting, Carley Enterprises, S&L Enterprises and Brian T. Askew to extend the frontage road on the north side of U.S. 98 and install water and sewer lines.

The town won a $266,000 grant from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to fund the project.

Mayor Ed Hughes said after the easements and conveyances are filed at the courthouse, “we’ll need to meet with our engineer about our timeline.”

As well as extending the frontage road from the Fred’s store to Highway 27 in installing sewer lines along that route, Hughes said the town also needs to seek permission from the state Department of Environmental Quality to bore under Highway 27 to install sewer lines east of there to the Dollar General store and beyond.

Hughes and the board hope that the road and the water and sewer upgrades will make the properties fronting U.S. 98 more attractive for commercial development.

The town already benefits from a service station, a McDonald’s restaurant and a shopping center anchored by a Piggly Wiggly as well as the Fred’s store on the U.S. 98 frontage property.

Pam Keaton, the county economic developer, said Friday the development would “open good retail opportunities” near the highway while providing another link between Highways 583 and 27.

She also said Tylertown is located in the middle of a good population center within a 25 to 45-mile radius, made more attractive yet by the four-lane access provided by U.S. 98 and the proximity to Interstates 55 and 59.

Also during the meeting, board members moved forward on improving streets elsewhere in town.

Aldermen accepted a bid from Dickerson and Bowen to lay approximately 1,500 tons of asphalt on six streets. At $92 per ton, the cost is about $138,000.

The only other bidder, Warren and Warren, bid $100.85 per ton, for a total project cost of $151,275.

Streets proposed for paving include Medical Circle from Old U.S. 98 to Debra Drive; Old Highway 24 from Beulah Avenue to its end; North Railroad Avenue from Martin Luther King  Jr. Drive to Church Street; Louisiana Avenue from Enochs Drive to Laurel Street; Laurel Street from Louisiana to Maryland Avenue; and Sumrall Avenue from Sauls Street southward to its end.

In other business:

• Alderman Denson Case said he had received complaints about clients at Cardio World downtown running on the sidewalk and almost knocking over older citizens visiting other businesses in the area. He suggested there were other nearby places to run.

• Town receipts for October totaled $166,083.12, including $85,127.39 to the general fund, $30,221.32 in lease payments, $22,230.76 to the sanitation fund and $28,503.65 to the water and sewer fund.

• October expenditures totaled $234,602.45, including $123,991.49 from the general fund, $23,942.40 from the sanitation fund and $86,668.56 from the water and sewer fund.

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