Icy roads and a mild concussion couldn’t stop McComb Police Chief Garland Ward from serving his city this week.

Ward was working to help a stranded vehicle stuck in ice on Broadway Tuesday afternoon when he lost his footing on the ice and fell, hitting the back of his head.

He took a trip to the emergency room and learned he had a mild concussion. He spent the next couple days on medicine and bed rest but felt well enough to go back to work Friday.

“I feel like that’s what I’m supposed to do,” Ward said. “I can’t see asking my patrol people to come work out here in these conditions if I don’t.”

His head still aches a little from the fall, but he is doing better, he said.

Chief Detective Victoria Carter said the frosty roads led to fewer criminal calls this week, but police were still kept busy watching for ice-related accidents and helping several stranded vehicles.

“They’ve been working hard, and I couldn’t be more proud of them,” Ward said.

He was also pleased to see citizens helping each other.

All-terrain vehicles like four-wheelers, recently a nuisance to the department for their illegal travel on city streets, were put to good use this week getting gas, food and water to neighbors and pulling cars out of ditches, Ward said.

In other police matters, a GMC Sierra 1500 was reported stolen.

The truck’s owner reported to police on Monday that the truck was taken Friday, Feb. 12, from the 1200 block of Wheelock Street.

A house burglary occurred on the 300 block of Lynn Avenue last Sunday, Feb. 14, around 6 p.m. The point of entry appeared to be the kitchen window, and a laptop computer was missing from the house, Carter said.

Detectives are also investigating the burglary of a Volkswagen Jetta that occurred in the parking lot of Uptown McComb mall on Feb. 12.

A Glock 26 handgun was taken from the car, said Carter.

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