Update 7:

All Amite County precincts now reporting.

U.S. Senate -- Wicker, 3,225, Baria 1,932; Hyde-Smith 2,084, Espy 1,841, McDaniel 1,193.

U.S. House -- Guest 3,299, Evans 1,967.

Court of Appeals -- McCarty 2,518, Weill, 1,382, Carter 737.

School board -- District 3, Cissy Fenn 508, Tyrone Green, 474; District 4, Cindy Newman 774, Ben Thompson 348.

Update 6:

All Pike County precincts reporting.

U.S. Senate -- Wicker 5,755, Baria 5,276; Espy, 5,315, Hyde-Smith 4,307.

U.S. House -- Guest 5,825, Evans 5,457.

Court of Appeals -- McCarty 5,034, Weill 2,832, Carter 2,143

Circuit Court -- Brewer 6,470, Taylor 4,167

Coroner -- Jones 5,960, Magee 2,300, Brister 1,403, Butler 1,373


With all 20 precincts reporting in Walthall County, Mike Taylor won over David Brewer 2,149-2,017 in the race for circuit judge, helping to put Taylor over the top districtwide.

In the area Court of Appeals race, David McCarty got 1,827 to win the plurality in the county over Jeff Weill Sr., a Walthall County native, who got 1,628. Byron Carter drew 576 votes.

In the federal races, Roger Wicker led David Baria, 2,654-1,770. Cindy Hyde-Smith led Mike Espy 2,09-1,852, with Chris McDaniel far behind at 617. Michael Guest leads the congressional voting in Walthall, 2,635-1,907 over Michael Ted Evans.

Update 4:

Fifteen precincts now reporting in Pike County.

Summit First Baptist, Brewer leads Taylor 127-97 for circuit judge. Jones leads for coroner, 93-70 over Magee, with Brister and Butler trailing. Baria, Espy and Evans lead in federal races.

St. Mary Free Will Baptist Church, Taylor wins by 10 over Brewer. Butler wins over Jones, 104-83, with Brister and Magee trailing. Baria, Espy and Evans take large leads in federal races.

Braswell Complex, Brewer leads 277-251. Jones 22, Magee 181, with Brister and Butler trailing. Baria, Espy and Evans lead.

Leggett Community, Brewer over Taylor 122-95. Jones 104-71 over Magee. Baria, Espy and Evans lead.

SMCC Workforce Training Center, Brewer wins 400-158 over Taylor. Jones gets 388 votes, with no one else in triple digits. Wicker, Hyde-Smith and Guest roll up big margins.

Pisgah UMC, Brewer leads 450-234 over Taylor. Jones gets 519, no one else in triple digits. Wins for Wicker, Hyde-Smith and Guest.

Church of Christ, Brewer 302-211 over Taylor. Jones 298-103 over Magee. Baria, Espy and Evans gain another precinct.

Osyka Town Hall, Brewer 142-75 over Taylor. Jones 145, Brister next with 30. Wicker, Hyde-Smith and Guest leads.

Update 3:

Three more precincts reporting, South McComb Baptist Church, Pike National Bank and Summit City Hall.

At South McComb, David Brewer led incumbent Circuit Judge Mike Taylor by five votes, 96-91. For coroner, the interim, Jason Jones, also led by five over Mederia Magee, 66-61, with Courtney Butler and Jared Brister trailing.

Democratic Senate candidates David Baria and Mike Espy gained healthy vote totals in the box, as did congressional candidate Michael Ted Evans.

At Pike Bank, Brewer led Taylor 219-143, and Jones blew out to a big lead, 212 votes against 60 votes for Brister. Wicker led Baria 194-192, while Espy pulled away in the precinct, 203-133 over Hyde-Smith, with Chris MCDaniel and Toby Bartee trailing.

In Summit, Brewer leads 300-206 over Taylor. Jones got another big vote haul, with 292 to Magee's 88. In the federal races, Wicker led Baria only 249-248, and Espy got another precinct, leading Hyde-Smith 262-197. Michael Guest led Evans only 264-256.

In Walthall County, with 19 of 20 precincts reporting, Taylor leads Brewer 2,053-1,951. Incumbent school board members Deloris Breland and Eldredge Boyd ere easily returned to office. Breland won 698-246 over Stormy Jefferson; Boyd got 62 votes to 186 for Ella Faye Martin and 142 for Tal Holmes.

Wicker led Baria by 1,000 votes in Walthall County, and Hyde-Smith led Espy by about 300 votes. Guest led Evans by about 800 votes. David McCarty led favorite son Jeff Weill 1,750-1,591 for a state Court of Appeals seat.

Update 2:

Two more precincts reporting in Pike County, Johnston Chapel and Old Progress.

At Johnston Chapel, David Brewer got a strong vote over incumbent Circuit Judge Mike Taylor, 470-169, while interim coroner Jason Jones pulled in 512 votes, almost 80 percent of those cast.

The precinct was also kinder to Republican Senate candidates, with Roger Wicker far outpolling David Baria in the regular election, and both Cindy Hyde-Smith and state Sen. Chris McDaniel outpolling the Democrats, former U.S. Rep. Mike Espy and Toby Bartee.

At Old Progress, Brewer got a much narrower win, 280-236, over Taylor. In the coroner's race, Jones led Magee 228-182, with Brister and Butler trailing.

Baria and Espy won the precinct, as did 3rd District congressional candidate Michael Ted Evans.

Update 1:

One Pike County precinct is reporting so far, the Lifepointe Church of the Nazarene in South McComb. Voters there voted for incumbent Circuit Judge Mike Taylor by about a 3-2 margin, 117-80.

In the special election for coroner, voters there favored the two black female candidates, with Maderia Magee picking up 78 votes and Courtney Butler getting 69 votes. Jason Jones and Jared Brister trailed with 34 and 24 votes respectively.

Voters there also voted heavily for Democratic candidates in statewide races, with U.S. Senate candidates David Baria and Mike Espy swamping incumbent Republican Roger Wicker and interim Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith. Supreme Court candidate David McCarty, also supported by the state Democratic party, won in the precinct as well.

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