Alford’s feeling festive with flowers, gifts

Alford’s owner Trisha Ray is pictured with designer Crystal Reynolds. 

Trisha Ray was raised in a flower shop. Her parents were florists in McComb years ago, and those memories keep her excited each year as orders for fresh-cut flowers and gifts come rolling in.

She owns Alford’s Flowers & Gifts and the adjacent Alford’s Too, a pair of shops that offer something for every occasion.

Alford’s Flowers & Gifts is open year-round and offers fine gifts for holidays and special occasions along with fresh-cut flowers. Alford’s Too is open as a holiday gift shop from October to January and the rest of the year the space is used as storage for the main store.

The flower shop offers same-day delivery.

Ray opened up shop in 1979 on Sixth Street across from the post office in downtown McComb. This is her 40th year in business, and she says she’s as happy as when she first started.

“I love the people here,” she said. “I’m excited about every season change.”

Ray said her business changed a lot since she first opened it 40 years ago.

“We’ve grown tremendously through the years,” she said. “And Christmas is still always a very busy season.”

The business expanded in 2004 when Ray purchased the adjacent lot to offer more parking space for her growing business. She remodeled the old house and rented the space out but now uses it to store flowers and other merchandise throughout the busy floral season.

But from October through January, Alford’s Too transforms into a winter wonderland, complete with anything and everything you might need to stoke a little bit of Christmas spirit. Ray said she decided to start the Christmas-specific retail outlet in 2017 in order to carry the maximum amount of Christmas items.

“I try to include new items along with the classics,” Ray said. “Whatever is trending, really.”

That list proves expansive, with wall-to-wall decoration offerings in both of her shops.

“We’ve got lots of great gifts for Christmas,” she said. “And we have poinsettias and Christmas cactuses coming in.”

Alford’s Too has the perfect decorations for the holiday season. One room is extravagantly decorated with classic Christmas selections, draped in silver, ruby and gold. Another is decorated in a modern theme.

Ray said her shops have something for everyone.

“We’ve got many different colors and themes for all interests,” she said. “A little bit of everything, including traditional items.”

Another room offers items Ray describes as “traditional but rustic.”

Ray said she works hard so customers feel happy and at home when they walk through the door. Customers are likely to be greeted by helpful designers Melissa Quin, Rita Wallace, Crystal Reynolds or others who work to help each customer find the perfect gift for any occasion.  

“I hope customers feel like they were genuinely helped by people who care, who listen to them to help create something beautiful,” she said.

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