McComb selectmen are thinking over what term they want to pay back $3.2 million in bonds.

The borrowing for street paving can be paid back in 10, 15 or 20 years, and the chosen term and the interest rate bid on the borrowing will help determine the amount of payments and the millage needed for the additional debt service.

City Administrator Dirkland Smith handed out an estimated amortization schedule for payments at Tuesday’s work session for board members to consider. He said he would recommend the 15-year payback option.

The board also heard a request from Fire Chief Gary McKenzie to approve repairing part of the driveway at Fire Station No. 4.

He said a section in front of the fire truck bays is crumbling and will expose wire and metal reinforcements that can puncture tires if not addressed soon.

Some cracks are allowing water to flow beneath the concrete pad, and “that water is undermining each section” of the concrete drive.

Curtis Williams submitted the lower of two quotes for the work, at $11.500.

Recreation Director Joyce Smith presented a low quote of $25,000 from Tom Ellis to clear trees and stumps from the former ballfield property the city recently bought from the Delta Foundation.

In other business, the board:

• Received a finalized contract with M3A architecture firm of Jackson to design the new Martin Luther King Recreation Center.

• Told Clytie Abraham she could fence or otherwise block off her property as she sees fit.

• Considered creating a new budget line item for fingerprinting and incident report fees for the police department.

• Considered proclamations for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October and for National Railroad Safety Week next week.

• Learned an air conditioner compressor at city hall burnt out and can be replaced as an emergency expenditure.

• Considered upcoming payments to board attorney Angela Cockerham and her firm Wise Carter, including $3,712.50 for the $500,000 loan for park improvements, $225 for work on former public works director Chuck Lambert’s racial discrimination filing, $2,325 for action against Code Red Dynasty Divas related to disturbances at property on Summit Street, $1.125 for work on the land purchase from the Delta Foundation and $300 for work on the city’s support of legal action by the city of Magnolia against the Fernwood Water and Sewer Association.

• Considered renewing the computer software support agreement with Delta Computer Systems.

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