The mother of a 10-year-old boy who was wounded in an apparently accidental shooting last weekend said her son’s injuries were more serious than initially described, as is the culpability of the 12-year-old gunman.

The woman, who asked not to be identified, said her son was shot in the left side of his neck below the ear, not the abdomen as officials reported. She said the bullet hit a bone in his neck and narrowly missed his spine.

“He will be impacted by this for the rest of his life,” she said. “He will not be able to play sports. He can’t even ride a bike. He can’t even horse-play with his friends. A lot of things have been taken away from my son.”

The child was wounded in what has been described as an accidental shooting at a friend’s house Saturday afternoon on North Locust Circle in east McComb.

He was transferred to the University of Mississippi Medical Center and released from the hospital on Monday.

“He didn’t want to be wheeled out. He wanted to walk out,” she said, adding that her son is wearing a cervical collar for the next six weeks and will be out of school for about that long.

The mother said the boy who did the shooting was waving the gun around and pointing it at other children, and the gun went off when one of the kids, who was not her son, went to take the gun away from him.

“He was intentionally pointing that gun around in the room with the kids,” she said, relying on information from her son.

Chief Sheriff’s Investigator Chris Bell confirmed her assertion, stating the youth was shot after a third juvenile attempted to separate the shooter from the weapon, believed to be a small-caliber handgun.

The boy who tried to intervene is reportedly 13 years old. Only the 12-year-old alleged shooter has been charged with one count of being a juvenile in possession of a firearm.

He appeared before a judge in Pike County Youth Court earlier this week and was detained at the Adams County Juvenile Detention Center.   

Investigators said previously the shooter has a criminal history, which contributed to his detention.

The firearm hasn’t been recovered. Lawmen said they are uncertain where it came from.

Bell said investigators believe the three boys, all from Magnolia, traveled to the home on North Locust Circle in a stolen vehicle. He said investigators suspect the shooter fled the scene in that vehicle.

He said the vehicle had been recovered and referred questions about that case to the Magnolia Police Department.

Assistant Police chief Sonya Woodall said Thursday that a car was reported stolen on Nov 8 but she could not connect the youths to the car.

Sheriff’s investigators said the suspected shooter surrendered to lawmen after the incident.

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