A Citizens Bank vice president who was shot Wednesday morning outside of the bank in Tylertown was in the intensive care unit  at Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, according to bank manager Mary Jenkinson.

Chad Parish of Tylertown was wounded when Chad Loup allegedly shot him in the parking lot of the bank.

The Enterprise-Journal had previously reported that Loup was a resident of Mt. Hermon. However, Loup lived between Mount Hermon and Tylertown about one mile south of the Mississippi-Louisiana border.

Initial reports indicate that Parish will recover.

“Chad is still in the ICU, but he is in stable condition,” said Jenkinson.

It is not clear when he might be released from the hospital.

Loup opened fire on Parish as the banker arrived  around 11:30 a.m., striking him in the face, according to Doug Walker of the Tylertown Times and WTYL Radio.

Loup had been waiting for Parish in the parking lot of the bank, said Walker. As Parish arrived, Loup exited a green Nissan pickup truck and opened fire on Parish.

After firing at Parish, Loup allegedly turned the shotgun on himself. He died  in the bank’s parking lot.

Parish was airlifted to Forrest General Hospital where he remains in the ICU albeit in stable condition.

Although the crime occurred at the bank, the incident was not an attempted robbery, said Walthall County Sheriff Kyle Breland.

Investigators are still searching for a possible motive for the attack.

Loup was pronounced deceased at the scene of the crime before being taken away in a hearse.

Loup owned a taxidermy business called Chad’s Taxidermy at a residence at 32704 Par Rd 588 just south of the Mississippi-Louisiana border.

The Walthall County coroners office said that Loup’s body would be taken to the Mississippi state crime lab in Pearl.

The shotgun used in the attack was recovered by crime scene investigators who cased it away as evidence.

Parish, a graduate of Mississippi School of Banking at the University of Mississippi, had been promoted to vice president of the Tylertown branch of Citizens Bank in 2017. He is a member of the Tylertown Baptist Church.

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