TYLERTOWN — If you won a judgment in Walthall County Justice Court, the county may have some money waiting for you.

The catch is, it’s been seven years or more since the cases were heard and ruled on.

Justice Court Clerk Janet Laird told county supervisors Monday that $4,378 has sat in the justice court’s accounts untouched since she became the clerk seven years ago. The cases in question may have been heard and adjudicated years before that.

Laird said she had no idea which cases are involved because all the files that old have been moved from the justice court building to the third floor of the courthouse.

Most, if not all, of the funds involved are restitution that was never paid out or claimed by winning parties.

“The auditors ... and Delta (Computers) suggested settling the money to the county to clear up our records,” Laird said.

She said a special account with the county was recommended to hold the funds in case anyone appeared to claim any of the funds.

Supervisor Clennell Brown questioned whether there might be a statute of limitations on how long the money could be held for litigants or crime victims, and board attorney Conrad Mord said he would have to research that.

While visiting the board, Laird also reported criminal and civil fines and fees for October and November. Criminal fees were $16,661.08 in October and $20,570.35 in November. Civil fees were $3,256 and $4,036.

In another financial matter, Sheriff Kyle Breland asked permission to pay a $590 bill from JPX for training for sheriff’s department employees on the pepper guns the department purchased earlied this year.

“We didn’t know they were coming, and we didn’t think about there might be a cost,” Breland said of the trainers who came from Huntsville, Texas, to give the training that certified two officers to train the rest of the department’s members.

The board approved the request unanimously.

In other business, the board:

• Accepted term bids and took them under advisement.

• Approved inventory additions and deletions.

• Heard a request for potholes to be filled on Ryan Road.

• Learned the state had approved the county’s property rolls.

• Announced that 40 applications had been received for the purchasing clerk position. LaRheta Dunaway is retiring at the end of the year.

• Paid or agreed to pay $25 each from their pockets to help Tax Assessor Peggy Hilburn cook soup for the courthouse’s annual Christmas celebration.

• Went into executive session to discuss salaries and other issues connected to the annual grant for the county emergency management office, and to discuss issues pertaining to Brigade Manufacturing.

The board did not report any action taken in the executive session and did not act in open session afterward, nor did members expand on the issues discussed. However, the county and the city of Tylertown sued Brigade in 2017 because the company was not paying its rent on the city and county-owned building it occupied.

The parties settled after Brigade agreed to pay the rent it agreed to, plus an extra amount to catch up on the arrears.

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