No injuries after train hits truck at Dixie Springs

An 18-wheeler sits near the railroad crossing on Dixie Springs Road in Summit after a collision with an Amtrak passenger train wrecked the back of the truck’s trailer on Friday.

A passenger train collided with an 18-wheeler’s trailer in Summit early Friday night. There were no major injuries.

A northbound Amtrak ran into the back of an 18-wheeler’s trailer near Dixie Packaging Inc. as the truck driver prepared to turn off Dixie Springs Road onto Johnston Station Road around 5 p.m., said Pike County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Brad Bellipanni.

The truck was the second of two trucks that had just left Dixie Packaging, which stands next to the railroad tracks. The first driver had already pulled out onto Johnston Station when the crash occurred.

There are no crossing gate arms at the Dixie Springs Road railway crossing where the crash occurred, nor are there at the Johnston Station crossing near Carruth Road where a train crash claimed the life of Jelisha Brumfield of Summit on Oct. 10.

The truck driver did not appear to be severely injured but had an ambulance take him to the hospital because his back was hurting.

The Amtrak driver had medical responders check him out to be safe but was not taken to the hospital, Bellipanni said.

The front train car took some damage, and glass from its window flew into the cabin. The driver told responders he got down inside the cabin as per his training when it was clear there would be impact.

All passengers on the train were uninjured and did not even realize there had been a crash.

Debris from the truck knocked loose two guide wires from a nearby power line, Bellipanni said. Magnolia Electric responded to repair the line.

Assisting Pike County Sheriff’s Office with the crash were Canadian National Railway Police Service and Northern Pike County Constable Denny Johnson.

Amtrak sent another front car to replace the one damaged in the crash so passengers could resume travel.

A wrecker from McComb Diesel cut off the damaged portion of the trailer so the 18-wheeler could be safely cleared from the scene.

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