TYLERTOWN — Walthall County is making progress in replacing its deficient bridges.

County engineer Jeff Dungan told county supervisors Monday that work has been completed on Darbun-China Grove Road, and work is underway on May, Old Bethel and East Lexie roads.

With federal funding secured for East Lexie, Dungan said the county could trade its $275,000 of available State Aid funding to Lawrence County for Local System Bridge Program funds.

Sauls Road, once a candidate for LSBP funding, received Emergency Road and Bridge Repair funds from the state, allowing the county to remove Sauls from the LSBP programming and bump up Breeland-Brown Road to the next in priority.

“We dont have enough LSBP money” to let a contract on a new project, Dungan said, but he said the state should put more money in the program in January.

After that, the county can put programs in place for Old Sandy Hook and Sims Thornhill roads.

The board also heard from Darlene Morgan, executive director of the Pike-Amite-Walthall Library System.

She presented the system’s $110,000 funding request as part of her annual update to the board.

“We were $80,000 over budget last year, so it’s very important that we get our full request,” Morgan said.

She said an automated system installed in the libraries this year is anticipated to save about $40,000 this year.

“We have been cutting the budget,” Morgan said. “It was over $1 million, and it’s $979,000 now.”

Supervisors said they would take up the library’s funding request when they begin their budget preparations, but they did boost some other spending Monday.

In response to calls and requests from county pollworkers, the board voted unanimously to boost pollworker pay from $110 for box managers and $90 for other workers to $120 and $100, effective with Tuesday’s primary election.

Board President Larry Montgomery said that would increase that spending line by $3,320.

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