First update, 10 of 25 precincts:

Pike County


James Brumfield (R)       5821

Kenny Cotton (D)        5598

Chancery Clerk

Becky Buie (R)            6215

Amanda V. Upchurch (D)        5074

Circuit Clerk

Roger Graves (R)        6177

Johnny O. Scott (D)        5188

Tax Assessor

Laurie Allen (R)        5883

Angela Simmons (D)        5450


Bryant “Wally” Jones (R)    5877

David Rashad Taylor (D)        5448

District 3 Supervisor

Robert J. Accardo (R) 1516

Etta Bateaste Taplin (D) 907

District 5 Supervisor

Lee Fortenberry (R)        1417

Eddie Simmons (D)        1031

District Attorney, District 14 (District-wide totals) 

Dee Bates (D)            8,646

Joey Norton (R)            9,202

Senate District 37 (26 of 57 precincts reporting)

William E. Godfrey (D)        1,356

Melanie Sojourner (R)        3,977

House District 53 (18 of 31 precincts)

Rita Wilkinson Goss (D) 949

Vince Mangold (R) 2,141

House District 96 (12 of 31 precincts)

Aisha A. Sanders (D) 3,182

Angela Cockerham (I) 4,363

House District 97

Sam C. Mims V (R)        5,680

Ben Thompson (D)        1,714

Justice Court Judge, Northern District

Fulton Dickerson Brewer (R)    2491

Bryan Harbour (I)        1620

Justice Court Judge, Central District

Melvin Hollins (D)        1964

Arthur “A.J.” Quinn (I)        868

Justice Court Judge, Southern District

Celdric McDowell (D)        1853

Aubrey Rimes  (I)        2067

South Pike School Board Trustee, District 4

Fred Booth (I)            57

Carrie Tate Christian (I)    140

Leslie E. Hurst (I)        86

Special Election for District 3 Election Commissioner

Danny Creel (I) 487

Fay Greer (I) 250

Nora M. Hall (I) 227

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