Given the enthusiasm that President Trump generates among his loyal supporters, it was a surprise Saturday when an arena in Tulsa, Okla., was at least half empty for his first campaign rally in more than three months.

Trump’s critics pounced on the lower-than-expected attendance to argue that larger numbers of the public are turning against the president as he seeks a second term. There is also a report that thousands of young people using the TikTok app made online reservations to attend the event with no intention of going, as a plot to keep others from getting in.

Maybe both of those are factors, but it seems more reasonable that the biggest reason the arena was not full is that the public is not yet confident that the country is past the worst of the coronavirus. Why take a chance of getting infected at a presidential rally, where most people were not wearing masks, when you can watch it live on TV from your home?

As time passes and the Nov. 3 election draws closer, you can bet that more people will come out to hear the president. This race has more than four months to go. Nothing is settled yet.

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