Although Attorney General Lynn Fitch and her staff made the right call to drop the prosecution of Curtis Flowers if the evidence didn’t support another trial, the timing of the announcement of the decision was suspicious.

Fitch, through a spokeswoman, said Friday afternoon that she didn’t want to overly sensationalize the case, given its sensitive nature.

But more than likely, the Republican officeholder was trying to minimize any political blowback she might get from conservative voters over the decision to let Flowers go free.

This has become a habit of politicians at the national level, and it’s trickling down to Mississippi and other places. If there’s news that they hope to stifle, they release it on Friday afternoons — preferably one leading into a three-day holiday weekend such as Labor Day — on the hope that the news media won’t be able to give the development its full attention and the public will be distracted.

It’s an irritating ploy that is used too often.

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