A few thoughts on politics as another day of primaries arrives:

• Due to the coronavirus, the primary season is going to be a little different than expected. A few states, including Louisiana, have postponed their primaries, and more are likely to do the same thing.

Today’s planned voting in four states has already been affected. Ohio’s governor said Monday that there would be no in-person voting allowed, which all but means a delay. Florida counties are reporting that many of their pollworkers are backing away for fear of being infected.

Given that many pollworkers are elderly retirees, this is an understandable precaution. Counties are trying to recruit public employees to fill in, and we won’t know how smoothly things went until the polls close. It would be unfair if this virus deprives anyone of the opportunity to vote.

• Sunday night’s Democratic debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders was a perfect example of how a debate can inform voters. Unlike past debates — Democrats this year, Republicans in 2016 — when there were 10 or more people on stage jockeying to get a sentence in, Biden and Sanders made their points, listened to the other’s responses and then spoke again. The absence of an audience due to virus concerns may have been the key to keeping the two-hour event civil and orderly.

• Biden may be the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, but he is promising everything to everybody in his quest to be chosen. Most surprising was his promise to select a woman as his running mate. If he keeps to the pace he displayed Sunday night, he’ll run out of new promises long before the election.

Jack Ryan, Enterprise-Journal

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