When it comes to the coronavirus, Mississippi has been lucky so far. Nobody in the state had been diagnosed with the virus until Wednesday, when a patient in Forrest County came down with it after a visit to Florida.

However, that luck could change dramatically at any time. If the disease continues to spread, it is likely, and almost certain, that the number of Mississippi residents who test positive for the coronavirus will increase.

The virus has infected the political stream during the past few weeks. President Trump made a mistake by noting that thousands more people die of the flu each year than have died of this virus. He is correct, but the global death rate for the coronavirus is 10 times greater than the flu. That is a statistic no one should ignore.

Interestingly, the coronavirus appears to have little impact on children, while it is more lethal to older people with existing health problems. Most healthy people who get the virus report that it feels a lot like a cold, which our species has tolerated for thousands of years.

As a vaccine for the virus has not been developed, and probably won’t be available for at least a year, the only thing people can do is be wise about their interactions with others. This too shall pass, although it looks like the next few weeks or months will be challenging ones.

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