The most interesting part of the 2020 presidential primaries will be watching the Democratic Party figure out which way it will go — to the extreme left with Medicaid for All and the Green New Deal; or closer to the middle in an effort to attract support from some of the voters who switched to President Trump in 2016.

Assuming Democrats want to win in 2020 — a tough assignment given a strong economy and a Republican incumbent who relishes a fight — the middle ground seems like the obvious path. But the left isn’t giving up without a fight, which started this weekend with a number of attacks on the ground staked out by former vice president Joe Biden.

Sen. Bernie Sanders said the party cannot go back to its old ways, while Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Republicans will not seek bipartisan issues if Trump is not re-elected.

Recent history offers a lesson if anyone is interested. In 2009, Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act and paid for it by losing control of Congress. That’s what can happen when a political party over-reaches.

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