Many people watching last Thursday night’s game between Cleveland and Pittsburgh may have changed the channel or gone to sleep with 2 minutes to play, as the game was running long and the Browns were in control, 21-7.

They missed quite a finish when Cleveland defensive end Myles Garrett, apparently unaware that Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph had already thrown a short pass, wrestled him to the ground. Rudolph fought back, and Garrett pulled his helmet off.

Once the two were standing, and as other players intervened, Garrett conked Rudolph on the head with the helmet, earning himself a well-deserved suspension for the rest of the season. A Browns teammate and a Steelers player also got suspended for a couple of games.

Physical collisions are part of football. But when it degrades into an assault case, the ultimate effect is to turn people away from the game.

Jack Ryan, Enterprise-Journal

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